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Almost everyday you see lots of beautiful women. You pass them by on the street, you see them sitting in a restaurant, or maybe you just meet them when you go party. Certainly, you think, like most of males do, that in order to get to know with such girl or woman, you need to have a lot of money, be stunning handsome or both.

What if I tell you that I also thought this way? THAT WAS A MISTAKE!

If you want to learn how to seduce hot babes, please stay ON THIS PAGE!



We know that and every single guy can learn it. Unfortunately it requires hard work from you, so if you are not ready it’s better to leave this site right now.


What is the „Travel to Seduction”

This is a project which was set up by two guys, who have been interested in self-development, psychology and seduction since 7 years. They changed unbelievably, from losers to the men of success. Not only are they leaders in the field of seduction, but also they win in every single branch of life. They have gathered their knowledge for you to access it. This is the easiest and the most effective guide which explains how to behave, what to say and what should be your body language to make close relations with a sexy woman.

Not everybody can take advantage of it…

You will receive the information and the step-by-step instructions what to do, to meet, date and have sex with the most attractive women. Unfortunately, „Travel to Seduction” can help only those men, who really want and are ready for the changes. If you prefer the attitude like: „I can do it tommorrow”, or „I need to get the laundry done”, you’d better come back to your duties and please do not think of all those things you’ve just read.

What people that have already changed their lives, say about Travel to Seduction …

Erik – Halmstad

„I was a pussy like you’ve never seen before. I couldn’t start a conversation with any womem. When I spoke to any, my voice sounded like a scared child. I was sure that nothing can be changed, especially that I was addicted to WOW (World of Warcraft).

Accidentally I got to training that owners of this site led. Their experience can be seen every single movement thay make and every single step they take and they can work properly with people. Step by step they have teached me how to overcome and I began to open to the women.

Now, after a year I’m a free man. I meet women almost everyday in different situations, but the most I like to approach on the streets or at the restaurants. I became more self – confident and it affects on my relations with women, work and other live areas as well.”


Robert – Warsaw

I’ve never had any problem with meeting girls. I am handsome dude…. But my story always was the same: first, maybe second date and……. it’s gone. I always asked myself why?
I am good looking guy, I have good social proof, style of wearing, position, some money etc… So there was no reason to screw me over again and all over again by women. I rationalized my every date.

I was living in the belief that next time would be better. When I turned 29 my cousin told me that there are two guys that tecach how to meet girls and turn boring date for best time ever for both people. Firstly I thought it sounds stupidly and I told myself that I have necessary knowledge to do it in properly way!

After next couple of completely sucked dates I thought why I don’t even try their course, just to check out how it works….. They gave me only a few tips and few lessons about physically, how to treat women, what to do to be interesting guy for women. They dispelled my doubts how I should provide women…..They’ve changed my point of view…… Now every of my date is amazing. When I go for a date and after I get message from her….. I know that it is working! Very often I hear from beautiful women that they’ve never met that kind of guy like me before. It is great feeling to hear that such of things: trust me!

Thomas – Berlin

I am normal guy from normal family. I earn good money and I work as IT engineer in one of very famous IT Company. From beginning of my adult life I knew that I couldn’t overcome my shyness.. After that I started looking for something than can help me, and…. I found course provided by Crusher and Polsilver. It was shock for me when I’ve started listen what these guys are saying.
I exactly remember my firs approaching. It was directly after Polsilver and Crusher course. I approached to beautiful blond girl and I told her: you looks sweet I wanted to meet you! She had husband……. so it was my bad luck….

Next approaching was better and better. On that afternoon I collected 2 numbers and one quick date: directly after play, it was quick coffee in shopping mall. Now I think that these guys washed my brain, but they’ve done it in good meaning and for good reason.
Today it is normal that when I see gorgeous women I make approaching and always introduce myself and say hello! I warn you: it will be strong experience for you and probably kind of shocking experience! Good luck and see you on the infield.

Ok I’ve read this website and stil can’t overcome 🙁


Ok, let’s face the truth. A lot of you read this site and even belived that „life changing” is possible. Hovewer, sometimes just reading is not enough. You thhougt that it will be very simple – just go out and meet more and more women – that’s big mistake. Not a lot of people have special „gift” rest have to learn how to approching, interest women. For those people we provide special courses….

We provide courses around whole globe.  We know excactyly how to do it – we went this path several years ago and now we would like to share this knowledge with you. If you are not able even to  try – go back to your boring life maybe you’ll win next battle in „WOW”.

If you’re still interested in self – development contact us …

I’ve just decided to change my life !

Congratulation! You’ve just taken one of the most importatnt decision in your life. You’ve decided to change your comfortable life into life full of adventures. When you are reading this text you start to realize that in fact you already can’t wait any results. And that’s perfect! Contact us to find out what we prepared for you!